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Bird Feeder Cups

This pet-friendly window bird feeder is perfect for the small or large bird lover in your life! This feeder has three suction cups for stability and is transparent acrylic bird feeder with all around is easy to clean. Plus, there is a small compartment for feeders and tools.

Free Shipping Bird Feeder Cups

This is a great pet bird feeder if you have a chicken or dove such as 5x pet bird feeder. It is a water bottle feeder with a pet on board that can eat food and drink. The top of the feeder has a cup with a seed system and a water droplet system. You can set the food at the top and have it available to the pet when you want to feed them. The seed system will give the pet something to do while you are away from them. The top of the feeder will also have a dainty dove pique bird.
this is a transparent acrylic bird feeder that features a wild bird house weather suction cups design. The feeder is perfect for use with dogs or cats, as it can be attached to a wall with suction cups.
this is a 4 piece bird feeder that includes a cage seed food bowl and a water bowl. The cages are then made up of many small plasticors into small nursery homing birds. The feeder is clear plastic with integrated hood cups and food sources.